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Infobox Templates. Every page which describes an item, an object, a creature, etc uses an Infobox. These are made to make adding stuff easier, and making it look all the same.

An overview of all the Infoboxes currently in use on this wiki can be found below. Click their name to read more about them, including how to use.

Template Use to describe
Infobox Creature Creatures
Infobox NPC NPCs
Infobox Quest Quests
Infobox Spell Spells
Infobox Versatile Every Item except Keys

Old but still could be used

Infobox Building Used to describe the player-ownable buildings.
Infobox Corpse Used to describe the various corpse stages.
Infobox Key Used to describe the usage of keys.
Infobox Object Used to describe the many objects found in Necronia.
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