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Guidelines for Use[edit | edit source]

Necronia Specific:
A client module made by Seidhogg can be used for easy fetching of the loot messages.
It provides 'Loot Channel' which will contain only the loot messages and 'Save to file' option that will store all the loot messages in a text file after hunt.
A preview how it's working can be seen here (watch out, 5MB gif)

To use this you have to download a client mod from here: Download from GitHub (GitHub repo)

  1. Extract it anywhere and move the module to Necronia/core folder (just go to the directory in which Necronia.exe is and enter core folder)
  2. Start client, open Module Manager
  3. Find necro_lootsaver on the list and click Load
  4. A new icon will be added to the top bar
  5. Click on the icon and a window will be opened with proper instructions on how to use the module.

  • If for some reason you don't want to benefit from the module - use (say on Default channel) "!lootdisplay mixed" to make the loot logs appear in Default. Makes it easier to copy.
  • The client allows you to copy only that many characters. Copy more and you will get some weird symbols. Copy them regularly and immediately upload them or put them in a text file and make sure to hit enter before copying a new section. Note that the aforementioned module has "Save to file" option thanks to which you won't have to worry about copying.
  • Do not upload outlaws, their unique names doesn't allow the script to figure out which name belongs to which kind of outlaw.
  • You have to be logged in on the wiki in order to be able to upload them. If you don't want to make an account you can send the textfiles to Nuxohiz on discord as well.

Only upload lootlogs that are from yourself to avoid double entries
If you hunt in a party have only one person to upload the loot statics.
The purpose of loot statistics is to show the probability of specific items being dropped - the more kills are registered, the more accurate the statistics are and statistics with poor loot (lacking rares) are just as valuable as those with good loot (with abundant rares).

With this in mind:

  • Upload as many hunts as you feel able to regardless of whether you're happy with your loot or not
  • Please do not upload a single kill with rare loot (eg: "Loot of a dragon lord: dragon scale mail, royal helmet"), upload the whole hunt in order to provide a more accurate set of statistics.
  • Please do not manually edit statistics. If there's an issue inform Seidhogg, Tafonath or Nuxohiz so the script can be fixed as well.
  • When uploading long hunts (where it is necessary to copy the server log more than once) please make sure you CLEAR the server log before continuing to avoid duplicating the statistics for part of your hunt.

Please remember, the statistics logs are there for the benefit of everyone and the more accurate they are, the more useful they become

Parser[edit | edit source]

Ajax Load Image.gifLoading Loot Parser
Ajax Load Image.gifLoading Add Parser

If you have any problem loading or using this script:

  • Update your browser
  • Try with another browser

Statistics[edit | edit source]